Feast of the Annunciation exhibit can be viewed privately

A depiction of the Annunciation by Louisville artist Patrick Gallagher is one of the many works of art on display at the Chapel.

The mystery of the incarnation of the Word of God, Jesus Christ, is told in the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke. The angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary in the village of Nazareth and “the power of the Holy Spirit overshadowed her.”

Father Vernon Robertson, our “founding father” had a special devotion to this mystery. He collected art for years, especially depictions of the Annunciation. These depictions — over 40, from medieval to modern — are on display at the Chapel every year during March.

To honor the Annunciation and the art, we always have a special celebration. Since we are restricted from gathering in groups, this year’s celebration will not be communal. Instead, we invite you to drop by during office hours or call to make an appointment to view the exhibit privately.

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