Cure for loneliness

Many of us are lonely. Even when we count a thousand friends on Facebook, we are lonely. Modern culture, based upon materialism and individualism, produces and encourages isolation.

What we need most in our lives is a sense of community, which is extremely difficult to cultivate and maintain.

The Chapel of St. Philip, its campus inhabitants and all the programs that happen here can be a cure for loneliness. We have been striving for more than 20 years to provide a place of welcome and accompaniment, where all sorts of people care for one another.

Take a look through the pages of this newsletter and consider where you might find community.

We have a Tuesday night book group for bookworms and scholars. Coming soon is an art exhibit featuring depictions of the Annunciation and a communal praying of the Stations of the Cross.

For those who deal with addiction, there are multiple NA meetings at The Chapel each week. La Casita Center, which offers empowerment and support to immigrant families, is constantly buzzing with activities.

JustFaith Ministries offers an array of Gospel-centered programs. And the Casa Latina welcomes everyone to a potluck dinner nearly every Thursday of the year. Join us!

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