JustFaith Ministries: Hunger for change

“We live in a society that is propelled by a fantasy of scarcity. It makes us frightened, greedy and eventually violent. But people of the word know better. Not only does grace abound; because of grace that abounds, all that we need abounds as well. Sharing creates neighborhoods. Fear creates hostility. We are in a moment to decide again.” — Walter Bruggemann


By Jane Walsh
And the end of January, the 2nd Street Kroger closed its doors, leaving this neighborhood without a full-service grocery store.

Our neighbors now face longer and more expensive commutes if they are to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Some may also face the prospect of lacking basic food and necessities because a grocery is out of reach.

As another Louisville neighborhood (this one!) becomes a food desert, JustFaith Ministries invites you to join us for an 8-week small-group exploration of hunger in an age of abundance.

We will host “Hunger for Change: a Faithful Response to Food Insecurity” this spring in our new offices at 224 Woodbine Street.

Together we will study the realities of food scarcity as well as the biblical promise of abundance. We will pray together and take action to reshape our lives, our neighborhood and the systems that lead to hunger in our home communities and around the world.

We hope that, together, we can work to address the growing food insecurity in our own neighborhood.

A small group of about 10 people will meet from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. beginning March 23 and continuing most Thursdays through May 18. Many of us will bring a dish to share at the Thursday night Casa Latina potluck following our meeting each week.

The cost for the 8–week program is $50 and includes a copy of the book “Rich Christians in the Age of Hunger” by Ronald Sider. We hope you will join us.

For more information about Hunger for Change, contact Muriel at 429-0865 or email her at muriel@justfaith.org. You can also read about the program at http://www.justfaith.org/hunger-for-change.

Join us as we explore the biblical promise of abundance to God’s people while examining the realities of food insecurity.

Jane Walsh is executive director of JustFaith. For more information about JustFaith Ministries, visit justfaith.org.

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